Please note that your private keys never leave your machine or get saved anywhere unless you specifically say otherwise.
That said we recommend you read over the code on GitHub and verify the hash on line 109 of index.html matches that on github.
This tool takes a 1% cut to cover costs
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DigiSweep has found DGB

So we can comply with Canadian tax laws we must ask if you are inside Canada to please let us know which province you are in. If you are outside Canada please select Outside Canada. This will not effect you at all.

There are two ways you can get your funds.

SEND is the easiest option and only requires you to press the send button below.

BUILD requires you to have a fully synced core wallet and will give you instructions on how to use your core wallet to recover the funds. The advantage of using BUILD is your private keys will never leave your device.



Transaction IDs:


Step 1: Execute the following commands in the debug window of a core wallet.
Step 2: Take the hex value returned and execute

sendrawtransaction hex

Please wait. We need to pause for 1min to allow transactions to settle.